Environmental Policy


As a sustainable company, we are constantly working to find better and better ways to protect resources and the environment. At Browse-a-while Ltd our approach to sustainability focuses on:

  1. Wherever possible recycling any products or packaging used in the preparation of or sale of our stock.
  2. Ensuring we use natural resources in our operations wherever possible.
  3. Recycling items by way of donations to charities or segregated out into individual deposits at recycling centres i.e., segregating plastics, paper, wood, metals etc.
  4. Reducing our carbon footprint in both premises and transport whenever and wherever possible.
  5. Ensuring we only use contractors or suppliers who comply with our goal of recycling at least 85% of items and reducing our carbon footprint.

A core value at Browse-a-while Ltd is to ensure we supply high-quality products with a long-life span. We will endeavour to restore items, rather than replacing and disposing of older items. Repair services for many of our products are provided and encouraged. All our items have lasted at least 40 years for retro and vintage and 100 years for antiques. We encourage the use of these items instead of buying new, disposable items.

Our aim is to work within a sustainable consumption model, offering our customers the products and services that they have come to expect, while respecting natural resources and the need to protect and sustain them. We are committed to improving our understanding of the direct and indirect impacts our work has on natural resources, as well as our dependence on them.

In summary, we are committed to promoting a more environmentally conscious sustainable production model.


We use packaging to protect our products through their journey to the end client.

Choosing the right materials is crucial so that products are not damaged and will arrive safely at their destination in perfect condition.

Our aim is to choose the most sustainable packaging solutions for our products. This is a challenging task and truthfully, commercially available materials are lagging behind our desire for an almost 100% recyclable packaging. So, we use recycled card, plastics and packaging. Your product will be safe in transit but do not expect pretty packaging.

We welcome input from packaging companies and industry experts who can help us to understand best practices on sustainability as we seek to continue to lower our carbon footprint by investing in greener materials and processes.

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