Valuation Service

We provide a FREE Initial Contents Valuation Service to all clients who use our House or Property Clearing Services.
We provide a Paid for Valuation Service for clients who have individual items they are looking to sell through private treaty.
By keeping in touch with fluctuations in the market at home and internationally it enables us to give accurate evaluations which will lead to a speedy sale. We also advise on suitable auction houses for the item and can locate possible buyers for items.
We provide a range of services for valuation relating to Probate. There is our FREE Initial Valuation Service when you use our House Clearance Services. There is a Paid for Valuation Service when you require valuations for disposal or distribution of items following Probate.
We often discover items that are considered rubbish or of no worth by the family or executors of a Will.
We provide an efficient, professional and confidential service to executors of deceased estates.
We carry out valuation on contents from the contents of small terraced houses to country estates.
The initial visit is also FREE of charge.
As part of this valuation service we will provide, in duplicate, an inventory, usually within ten working days. If required, items of value can be removed immediately by our in-house removers and stored for safety.
Properties can be cleared, including all items for auction, items with no auction value and any personal documentation can be retained, handed back to the executors or destroyed where requested. The choice of an appropriate auction house and negotiation of their fees will also be discussed.
Items such as clothing and items of little value can be sorted and re-cycled or donated to one of our worthy charities. We can also assist in re-housing pets, which often can be a problem if the relatives are abroad or have unsuitable accommodation.
Specific bequests can be identified, valued individually and dispersed accordingly. All saleable goods not bequeathed can be removed and placed into an appropriate auction house or sold direct to one of our many clients who buy such items.
We provide a Paid for Insurance Valuation Service. We provide written and fully illustrated valuations for insurance purposes on everything from single items to whole house contents and provide an inventory of the items, usually within ten working days.
By keeping in touch with the fluctuations in markets here and abroad it enables us to provide an accurate evaluations of contents which can lead to a speedy resolution of an insurance claim.
Any such inventory can also assist in the recovery and identification of stolen property.
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